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Whirlybirds – Roof Ventilation Installation Cost

A ventilation system that is not installed properly will fail to meet the functionality it is meant to accomplish, no matter the quality of the materials. For whirly bird installation, the principle applies.

Proper installation of roof vents comes at a price. The total cost to install roof vents can be attributed to several factors which largely include the cost of labor and the cost of material. When it comes to labor, there is the option of contracting the work to a trained professional on one hand, and that of getting out your toolbox and doing the job yourself on the other.

The advantage of paying someone who is experienced is that they are likely to make fewer mistakes and get everything right the first time.

This will save you the cost of repairs that would otherwise be incurred if you did it without prior experience. Apart from their labor, professionals have better advice on what brands of the roof whirlybird to buy and what improvements to make to your roofing in general.

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The Do-it-yourself is a better option if the workload is not as much and you are looking to cut on costs as some roof plumbers and contractors can be over-priced. There are several installation guides online that you can follow step-by-step and have your whirlybird flying with the rest of the neighborhood in less than two days. If you can understand and follow instructions as they are given, then the D.I.Y option is definitely more economical.

Factors that affect the cost

Target place of installation

Whirlybirds for factories and other large-scale buildings cost more than those for smaller buildings such as a home.

This is self-explanatory in the sense that a factory has a larger roof area and houses a larger air capacity, therefore requiring more ventilation than a house that covers a smaller footage area.

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Size of Whirly Bird

Whirly birds come in different diameter sizes. The Twista vents vary in size between 240mm diameter vents custom made for residential establishments, the 350mm vents for commercial buildings, and the enormous 500mm whirlybirds for industries.

The larger the size of the roof vent, the more expensive the vent. The smaller the size, the more affordable it is. Large roof whirly birds are usually meant for commercial buildings.

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Roof Pitch

If a roof has a pitch higher than 7:12, then it will require more whirly birds at different parts of the house. When the roof pitch increases, the amount of air capacity in the attic is larger, raising the need for more ventilation.

This significantly increases the cost, as more roof whirly birds will be required.

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Roof Design complexity

Different roofs have different architectures. If a roof is very steep or its design is too complicated, then the contractor may ask for a higher payment than in the general case to cater for the extra labor. A complicated design could also mean that specialized equipment is needed to get around. This contributes to the budget skyrocketing.

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Manufacturer Cost

Different manufacturers price their commodities differently. In roof ventilation, there are three categories of valuations for material, namely low end, mid range and high end.
Low -end roof vents are cheaper to acquire since they are made of a material that is easily accessible as compared to high-end roof vents.

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Type of Vent Material

For a long time, the metal turbines were the most common in the market, but that has since changed. The trend right now is at plastic whirly ventilators which are slowly but steadily pushing their aluminum counterparts out of the top shelf. The various versions of plastics in stores right now include polymers, polycarbonates, and acrylic on another end.

Here are a few reasons why plastic turbines are fast taking over:

They are cheaper as compared to most of the metal turbines

The plastic used is treated and UV stabilized to stay under use for an excess of 10 years without melting.

Metals rust but plastics don’t

Plastics are sturdier and not as heavy as the metal turbines.

It takes them a shorter time to start when exposed to windy conditions

Aesthetic beauty- Plastic turbines are pleasing to look at.

They come in different colors as well, including silver, black, green to name but a few.

The color does not peel off.

Plastic turbines have smooth bearings that ensure they do not make noise when free-moving.

There is no annoying squeaking.

They are unlikely to dent when exposed to harsh conditions such as hailstorms.

They lack scrap value and are therefore unlikely to be stolen as compared to the metals which have a higher scrap value.

High quality plastics are chemical tolerant and will not react with the air coming through them, guaranteeing a longer lifespan.

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Local Market Prices

The location of the house or commercial building where the roof whirly bird is being installed matters when it comes to the fee that a professional roofing plumber will ask for.

Depending on the local market values, a roofing contractor in Perth may charge a slightly different amount of money than a contractor in Sydney. There is, therefore, no standard figure that a contractor would ask for.

There are various reasons for this but the overriding one is largely due to the varying cost of material that they may need to buy to conduct the installation.

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Ventilation is not an issue to disregard or take lightly, be it at the workplace or at home. It, therefore, makes for a worthy investment to cover the cost to install a roof vent, whether you’re paying someone to do it or you are buying material to do it by yourself.

To ensure that you get value for your money, the whirly bird price is not all you should look out for when placing a purchase. It is important to check for the guarantee and warranty that comes with the package as well. Most suppliers like Twista give a warranty of 10 years on their whirlybirds.

this but the overriding one is largely due to the varying cost of material that they may need to buy to conduct the installation.