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Perma-Glas Industrial Grade Fibreglass Sheeting

Ideal for steel roofing and cladding, Ampelite Perma-Glas resists expansion and contraction for versatile structural design needs
Thanks to a low coefficient of thermal expansion, Perma-Glas fibreglass sheeting excels in service life when mounted to steel roof cladding.

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Ideal for steel roofing and cladding, Ampelite Perma-Glas resists expansion and contraction for versatile structural design needs.

Thanks to a low coefficient of thermal expansion, Perma-Glas fibreglass sheeting excels in service life when mounted to steel roof cladding.

Combining high strength fibreglass strands with specially formulated resins, Perma-Glas fibreglass panels resist cyclic warping that could result in cracking, deformation and profile alterations around steel purlins and other mounting materials.

Thanks to their corrosion resistance, these roofing sheets are not affected by excessive metal rust or oxidation.

The Perma-Glass series is available in three different levels depending on the service life requirements for various industrial roof panel applications.

Perma-Glas STD – Industrial grade, film coated fibreglass sheet

These reinforced fibreglass panels offer a reliable and economical approach to industrial roofing for commercial businesses.

Specially engineered polyester and vinyl resins are formulated to saturate fibreglass strands during curing, limiting light transmission loss to no more than 30%.

These roofing panels are designed to prevent fibre show over a 5 year period when subjected to harsh weathering and UV surface erosion.

Perma-Glas XL – All-round capable fibreglass panel with upgraded performance characteristics

Engineered for durability in challenging conditions, Perma-Glas XL offers improved light transmission capabilities over a longer life cycle than traditional fibreglass sheeting on rooftops.

Capable of limiting surface erosion, Perma-Glas XL is an ideal choice for industrial businesses and warehouses that require extended structural performance.

Our Perma-Glas XL roofing products resist yellowing and discolouration, backed by a 10 year warranty for light transmission performance.

Perma-Glas Ultra – Ultimate, long-term light transmission capabilities

Perma-Glas Ultra fibreglass sheeting is incorporated with PVF film, providing superior UV absorption, temperature control and highly stable colour retention.

Perma-Glas is exceptionally durable and reliable for warehouses, manufacturing plants and other industrial rooftops.

With Perma-Glas fibreglass roof sheeting, light transmission is optimized for the long term and overall maintenance is minimized once properly installed.

The integrated PVF film resists yellowing and discolouration, thereby keeping facility rooftops looking like new.

Above & Beyond

Perma-Glas Fibreglass Panels Exceed Industry Standards

All Perma-Glass roofing sheets, regardless of performance level, are backed by Ampelite warranties for water penetration and light transmission.

Each panel type conforms to AS/NZS standards and undergoes a rigorous, in-house quality control check.

The roof sheets are manufactured according to the customer’s exact specifications and our products are produced with the very best raw materials and resins on the market today.


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Pioneering Fiberglass Roofing Panel Production

Ampelite fields a veteran team with over 50 years of direct involvement in fibreglass material research studies for clear roofing applications. Ampelite is geared for virtually any production capacity, supporting continuous lengths of Perma-Glas as large as 25 metres. We offer an array of corrugated profile designs, flat sheeting and other custom manufactured clear roofing products. In addition, we can support manufacturing tempos of up to 300,000 linear metres each month for our combined fibreglass and polycarbonate sheeting.

Our roofing sheets have served an array of factories, buildings, and warehouses worldwide. We pride ourselves on service and workmanship, helping commercial businesses save money and utilize natural light for their operations.

For additional information on our Perma-Glas products, please contact us or visit our entire line of clear plastic roofing solutions.

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We have been in business for over 30 years as a commercial & residential roofing company. RVA is the sister company of Sydneyroof.  At RVA we are focused on Industrial & Domestic roof ventilation, fibreglass skylight panels, and roofing utilities. We believe these areas of the roofing industry have been largely marginalised.  We however, are focused on taking this part of the industry and creating a service-oriented response to our customer's needs.

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Our pricing is transparent and highly competitive. We do our best to take the guesswork out of the final cost at the beginning.

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We take pride in our workmanship and are proud to warranty our workmanship for 5 years, in addition to the manufacturer's warranty.

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Over 30 Years Experience

Nothing says commitment like longevity! We are proud of our commitment to our craft and our customers.