Commercial Roof Ventilators

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1- 600mm Zincalume Roof Vent


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1- 600mm Straight Vane Alloy Roof Vent


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Airocle™ Commercial Roof Ventilator 

5 Series – Industrial Whirlybirds Made to Last

  • Australian Materials – Australian Made
  • The 5 Series in the pinnacle of efficient and effective rotary ventilation design. The large surface area of our spherical design, high coefficient of discharge and quality fabrication from Australian materials ensures that every vent provides the longevity and airflow performance your building deserves

  • Available in Zincalume, Colorbond, Colorbond Ultra, Aluminium and Stainless Steel

  • Manufacturer backs the 5 Series with a 30-Year parts warranty

  • The 5 Series is designed to meet all environments including corrosive coastal areas

  • The 5 Series can also meet the demands of Cyclone Category C and D regions and is fire rated to 200°C/120min plus 300°C/30min (with the appropriate options) ensuring that your ventilation or smoke hazard management has the reliability and integrity it deserves

whirlybird mechanical turbine roof ventilation