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Can I Install Too Many Whirlybirds?

Installing Whirlybirds Knowing how many roof vents to install on your property can be a bit of a head-scratcher, particularly if you are inexperienced with roof ventilation, unfamiliar with how roof vents work. The best course of action would, of course, be to consult...

Why Has My Roof Turbine Vent Stopped Spinning?

Whirlybird Not Spinning? Turbine vents are exhaust vents that draw out hot and humid air from inside the roof or attic. The structure of the turbine vents is such that when the wind hits, it turns and spins. But it is not meant to spin on the thrust of outside wind....

How Does a Whirlybird Roof Vent Work?

Whirlybirds Roof Vents You may have noticed a whirlybird ventilation system in many residential rooftops in Australia. It is a turbine vent shaped like a cylindrical dome. Whirlybird roof vent works by spinning in the direction of the wind to produce a vacuum so as to...

Should gable vents be closed in winter?

Winter and Gable Vents? Gable vents should not be closed during the winter to avoid the attic becoming too warm and conducive to the growth of mold and mildew. Round-the-year roof ventilation, to which gable vents contribute significantly, is the key to keeping the...

Do Whirlybirds Work in Australia?

Whirlybird Roof Vents in Australia? Whirlybirds are a popular type of roof turbine vent, with a distinctive appearance and exceptional performance, but do whirlybirds work in Australia? In short, yes, but you need to make sure you use enough of them. While a typical...

Should I Cover Turbine Roof Vents In Winter?

Should Whirlybirds be Covered in Winter? Think twice before you plan to cover your roof vents during winters. You may be worried about the air entering your home and increase your heating costs. But, turbine roof vents shouldn’t be barricaded. With less air...

Do Whirlybirds Leak?

Do Roof Vents Leak? Looking at the design of a whirlybird, you could be forgiven for thinking it would be at severe risk of letting rainwater into your building. After all, it is a relatively open design, and the flow of air from inside the property is unimpeded in...

Why is Roof Ventilation Important in Summer and Winter?

Year Round Benefits of Vents Roof ventilation plays very important—though very different—roles in summer and winter; however, the basic function remains the same. Roof ventilation works to balance out the temperature between the hot inside spaces of attics and other...

How Many Whirlybirds Do I Need?

How Many Whirlybirds Do I Need?

What is a Whirlybird? A whirlybird, or a turbine vent, is a roof ventilation system that uses wind to cool our houses by removing accumulated heat in the roof space. There are two kinds of whirlybirds, one driven by electricity, and one driven by the wind. The more...

How to improve your commercial lighting costs

How to improve your commercial lighting costs

Save Big Dollars by Choosing the Right Industrial Lighting Cost is a key factor when choosing a lighting system, especially for the big facilities as warehouses and factories. Lighting is one of the biggest single consumers of electrical energy in commercial and...

Roof Ventilation Types and Their Importance

Roof Ventilation Types and Their Importance

Whirlybird Roof Vent Types The roof is an integral part of any home. The presence of ventilation fans on the roof is critical to maintaining your health for many years. When you have the roof ventilation in place, it mainly prolongs the life of the roof or attic by...

Whirlybird Roof Ventilation – Do They Keep Your Home Cool

Whirlybird Roof Ventilation – Do They Keep Your Home Cool

Whirlybird Roof Vents A whirlybird, also known as turbine vent, is a semi-mechanical vent system that utilizes wind to cool houses. It usually has a distinctive bulb-like shape with fins on the outer surface, which allows the unit to spin in the wind. This creates a...

Commercial Roof Ventilation – Keep Your Warehouse Cool

Commercial Roof Ventilation – Keep Your Warehouse Cool

Factory Warehouse Ventilation In this modern times warehouses tend to carry out a lot of activities. Some of these activities generate a lot of heat and moisture hence require massive cooling. Warehouses during the summers can be faced with a lot of heating challenges...

Solar Roof Ventilation- How it Works

Solar Roof Ventilation- How it Works

What is solar roof ventilation? Solar-powered ceiling fans are a simple eco-friendly source of power that helps in ventilating your home, office or institution at a much lower cost. The roof ventilation is fully powered by free Sun energy. The solar roof ventilation...

Roof Ventilation Whirlybirds – Why Essential to Your Home

Roof Ventilation Whirlybirds – Why Essential to Your Home

Whirlybirds - Part of a Healthy Roof Building a comfortable home is not just about constructing the walls, dividing the rooms, painting, and putting up the roof. You may have a perfect and attractive house or home, but it may lack the required comfort due to...

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