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Domestic Roof Vents "Whirlybirds"

300mm Spinaway Rotary Roof Vent by Ampelite™

Proudly Made in Australia

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The 300 Spinaway from Ampelite

roof ventillation whirlybird

The Workhorse of Whirlybirds

The 300 Spinaway has an enduring reputation for being the workhorse of wind-powered, domestic turbine roof vents in Australia. It’s built to last. Learn More…

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Whisper Quiet Design

It has a light and durable aluminium construction. Also, a strong fibreglass reinforced nylon chassis for a “Whisper Quiet” and almost silent operation, powered by the wind! Learn More

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Designed to Keep on Spinning.

It has a sealed dual bearing housing for long life. Double rivetted pressed vanes for superior strength and longevity. These units just keep on spinning, even in the worst Australian weather. Learn More…

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We Stand Behind Our Products

10 Year Manufacturers Warranty on Materials, Including Bearings. 5 Year Installation Warranty

Comes in Colorbond™ or Mill (Silver) Finish  Learn More…

Commercial Roof Ventilators

500mm - 900mm Industrial Rotary Roof Vents by Airocle™

Proudly Australian Made

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commercial industrial roof ventilation

Great Commercial Performance

Independent research has found that the Spherical design of the 5 Series can achieve up to 25% more airflow than typical straight vane ventilators under the same conditions*. CSIRO testing has also found that our unique Square-to-Round base helps provide 15% more airflow than traditional spigot bases. Learn More…

This means you get more airflow with smaller vents.

commercial industrial roof ventilation

Fire and Cyclone Rating

The 5 Series can also meet the demands of Cyclone Category C and D regions and is fire rated to 200°C/120min plus 300°C/30min (with the appropriate options) ensuring that your ventilation or smoke hazard management has the reliability and integrity it deserves. Learn More…

commercial industrial roof ventilation


We back the 5 Series with a 30-year parts manufacturers warranty and provide designers, builders and occupants confidence that they are installing a product that will work for the life of the building. Available in Zincalume, Colorbond, Colorbond Ultra, Aluminium and Stainless Steel, the 5 Series is designed to meet all environments including corrosive coastal areas. A 12-month warranty exists on all damper motors and booster fans as per OEM warranties. Learn More…

40W Solar Roof Ventilators

Powerful Industrial Strength Solar Powered Roof Vent by RVA

Equal to 22 Whirlybirds

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40 Watt Solar Roof Ventilator

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Industrial Strength with Style

Our RVA – 40 Watt solar roof vents can move 623 Metres Per Minute (MPM) of Hot Humid Air. The Average 300mm domestic roof vent can move approximately 100 Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM’s) or around 2.8 MPM. Learn More…

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Comparing Apples to Apples

Our RVA – Solar Roof Vent is equivalent to 22 regular whirlybirds. Most competitors domestic solar vents range in power from 12 watts to 30 Watts (for comparable prices to ours). Our Domestic units are powerful enough to be installed as commercial ventilators, equaling 7 – 900mm Commercial Rotary Roof Vents. Talk about overdelivering!! Learn More


Maximum Solar Power Input

Our RVA – Solar Roof Ventilator is totally adjustable. It can be set to a 15º angle, 30º angle, and a 45º verticle angle. It also has a swivel base that ensures maximum angle versatility for maximum solar input. Many of our competitor’s solar vents do not have this versatility. Learn More…


Whisper Quiet Brushless DC Motor

Our long-life brushless DC motor runs effortlessly without a sound. Virtually silent at close range. Its 40 Watt motor is a quiet achiever, working hard and being noticed only for its sleek design. Learn More…

Solar Powered Roof Ventilation Fan 40W Model: BSQ-40WS

One of These Solar Powered Units Replaces 22 Whirlybirds – Learn More > >


Industrial & Commercial Whisper Quiet Motor

5 Year Warranty

40W – Solar Roof Vent

  • Replaces 22  Whirlybirds
  • Domestic & Commercial Use
  • Brushless DC Longlife Motor
  • 623 Cubic Meters Per Minute
  • 2,200 Cubic Feet Per Minute
  • Horizontal & Swivel Adjustable
  • Thermostat Controlled
  • Industrial Roof Application
  • Stainless Steel Bolts & Screws
  • Black Galvanized Finish
solar roof vent
solar powered roof vent fan

Roof Vents Australia – Why Use Us?

What makes Roof Vents Australia different to the rest of the solar vent companies in Australia.

Roof Vents Australia offers an all in one price.

The price we advertise includes everything you need for your solar vent.

No Extras, No Surprises!

Our all-inclusive price covers our large capacity 40-watt solar vent which extracts 623 cubic metres of air per minute, thermostatically controlled to operate automatically when the roof void (attic) temperature reaches 26 degrees.

Our separate solar paneled 9.6-volt lithium polymer rechargeable battery automatically kicks in on cloudy days or hot humid nights to keep your home cooler so you stay more comfortable. This unit Installs into a one story or two-story home with either a metal or tile roof.

Our one stop supply and install prices (some conditions apply) includes our industial whirlybirds and regular domestic whirlybirds

Roof Vents Australia only use adjustable solar vents which are placed on your roof north facing by our qualified installers to make the best use of the sun. They adjust not only at varying angles vertically but also swivels at the base of the PV solar panel for maximum positioning and maximum solar energy output.

Roof vents help cut the cost of cooling your home, the greater air moving capacity, the more efficient they are at reducing roof void temperatures.

Solar Vents Australia uses 40-watt units with a capacity to extract 623 cubic metres of air every minute.

Take the Mystery Out of Installation Labour + Materials Costs

Our one set price includes everything you need.

Nothing else to buy!

Roof Vents Australia offers a 5-year guarantee on all components of our vents including the motor, installation, bearings, and casing.

Your roof vent will be installed by one of our fully qualified roof vent installers, quickly and without a fuss.

Roof Vents Australia offers

Purchase and insulation in one set price.

40-watt solar vent unit thermostatically controlled able to extract 623 cubic metres of air per minute, with a separate PV solar powered battery backup

Adjustable solar panel able to be positioned to make the most of the sun

5-year warranty on all components.

Qualified installers.

One set price for one or two-story homes, tile or metal roofing, NOTHING else to pay (conditions apply).

Suitable for 90% of all homes in Australia.


Our Roof Vents Are of the Highest Quality and Come with 5 Year Warantee – Learn More >

Solar Roof Ventillation

Solar Whirlybirds Are Becoming the Preferred Roofing Ventilation System in OZ – Learn More >

How Roof Vents Work

Understand the Mechanics of Roof Ventilators and the Benefits of Roof Air Flow – Learn More >

Why Cool is Good

Your Roof is One of the Most Important Aspects of Your Home . Why Keep it Cool – Learn More >

Supply & Install Whirlybird Prices

Our Prices for Supply + Installation are Competitive & Transparant
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Colorbond™ Colour Options

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Our Service & Convenient Fixed Price Packages are Too Hard to Resist

Most of our Roof Vents and Whirlybird Prices are for Supply & Install ( Solar Roof Vents Are Also Sold Separately)… Learn More


Solar Whirlybirds

No wiring needed. They run with high-efficiency brushless DC motors powered by the sun… Learn More >


Mechanical Roof Vents

Traditional Vents that have stood the test of time. Reliable and made to last for years… Learn More >


Other Roofing Products

We are a Professional roofing company operating for the last 30 years… Learn More >

Who We Are – What We Do

Our parent company is SydneyRoof, a full-service roofing company Serving the Greater Sydney Area.

We decided to form  Roof Vents Australia as a subsidiary company because of the specific need we became aware of in the roofing industry.

Our Business Concept is Simple

We offer our customers a one-stop shop for the best roof ventilation systems & Installation as a FLAT RATE PACKAGE (conditions apply) that includes supply and installation.

It takes all the guesswork out of the final cost to have the system in place. That’s it in a nutshell.

The Best Product installed professionally for an upfront packaged price (conditions apply) for both Supply & Installation regardless of having a one story or two story home

That having been said, we also offer the option of buying the units on their own.

Roofing companies large or small, business owners, and regular homeowners can purchase our solar-powered roof ventilator and we can have them shipped Australia wide for a reasonable price.

Our domestic roof vents (Whirlybirds) can be ordered in Colobond™ colours to match your existing roofs colour scheme or order theme in mill finish (metal colour)

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